21 January 2014

Calligraphy by Mr Voon Sham Choi 温三财老先生的书法

Mr Voon Sham Choi (温三财老先生), an elderly retired Headmaster (退休校长 ) from Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia (马来西亚,砂劳越)paid a visit to our Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc. (西澳客家公会) and was warmly welcome and received by the President Keith Yong (杨奕驹会长)。

We wish to thank Mr Voon who generously donated a collection of his calligraphy on auspicious red paper, to the Association for selling, all proceeds of which is to be donated to our Association.

Mr & Mrs Voon also signed up on the spot to join our Association as the newest members.

Mr Voon Sham Choi presenting his calligraphy to Honorary Chairman Dato' Yong, praising the Hakka Associaiton of Western Australia. In the photo from the left are: Eric Lim, Mr Voon's son-in-law, Mr Voon Sham Choi, Dato' Yong, and President Keith Yong

In return, Honorary Chairman Dato' Yong presented a souvenir, our Association's bannerette (锦旗), to Mr Voon.


  1. 谢谢您,温三财老先生,给我们的鼓励和支持!

  2. These Calligraphy pieces will be distrinbuted (a donation would be appreciated) at the coming Chinese New Year Fair at Northbridge on 9 February 2014. Please come and visit our stall there from 1am to 5pm.

  3. The setting up of the stall at the CNY Fair is cancelled. They allocated a secluded spot for our stall. Members can come to the Secretariat to take the calligraphy pieces (and make a small donation if you are so inclined).