24 October 2011

Spring Kayaking & Cycling春季划皮艇,脚踏车运动

On Saturday 23 October 2011 HakkaWA Youths organised and took part in a Spring Kayaking & Cycling Activity at the Swan River foreshore at Point Fraser: 春季划皮艇,脚踏车运动。

有7人参加了划皮艇,3 人坐脚踏车运动,另2人坐在河边欣赏风景,吹凉风。

7 youths paddle out in kayaks, 3 members chose to cycle along the riverside, and 2 members decided to just sit on the river bank and enjoy the scenery and cool breeze!

The Group of 5 led by Nick Tye getting ready to paddle out!
Members in uniform getting ready!

Safety briefing

Having a good time!

12 October 2011

友谊拜访北澳客家公会 Friendship Visit to Hakka Association of Northern Territory, Darwin

Our Executive Vice President Keith Yong was invited by the Hakka Association of Northern Territory to visit Darwin, and he embarked on the 3 days trip on 7 October 2011.

Immediate Past President Mr Tim Mu and his comrades including the newly elected President and Committee entertained and briefed Keith on the development of the NT Hakka Association.

Keith taken to dim sum lunch by Mr Tim Mu (in red striped shirt) and elders and advisors of  Hakka Association of Northern Territory, in Darwin, NT Australia

Keith Yong (in new HakkaWA T-Shirt on left) together with NT Hakkas & Thai Hakka (in yellow)

Keith entertained to dinner at Skycity in Darwin by the Committee of Management of the the  Hakka association of Northern Territory
Crocodile farm visited...more crocodiles than you can count...the famous NT crocs

Keith with a baby crocodile at the farm

Hakkas from Taiwan (left & centre seated), from Sydney, and other elders

Their Gathering with the buffet spread

Very well attended buffet dinner gathering

Mango produced at the plantation oened by a Hakka member there

Keith at the mango plantation

Boxes of mangoes ready to be transported to as far as Sydney and Melbourne

Harvesting at the mango farm

麒麟Unicorn dance is a traditional Hakka dance, and the NT Hakkas have maintained the Hakka culture there  so well

A Chinese temple maintained and managed by the Chinese community in NT

06 October 2011

全球客家.崇正会联合总会 Global Union for Tshung Tsin & Hakka Associations (GUTTHA)

The Global Union for Tshung Tsin & Hakka Associations (GUTTHA) Ltd 全球客家.崇正会联合总会 is a worldwide Hakka organisation.

It held its world congress at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia on 16th September to 18th September 2011. Our Association sent 5 delegates to the congress. Below are some of the photos taken during one of the functions.

Our delegates Danny Chan (left) and Keith Yong (right) with Tim MU (2nd left), the President of the Australian Northern Territory Hakka Association, and one of his Committee members.
One of our delegates Keith Yong with some of the Hakka delegates from all over the world.

Keith at the welcoming dinner held at the Tshung Tsin School Hall.

Dinner underway.

2 of our delegates at the venue of the welcoming dinner.


05 October 2011

Part 3 (FINAL): Mid-Autumn Festival & Fathers Day Gathering 2011

The host Vice President Mr Ben VB Soon making his points with Honorary Advisors Mr Francis Yapp to his left and mr Edward Kuh to his right, with senior member Robert Chung looking on.

Host Vice President Mr Ben Soon emphasising a point to Keith Yong while Dr Ching looks on.

Chau Yau sampling the wine.

Some of the many Indonesian Hakkas attending; Zhou Mi and Clement Tsen at the background.

Children having a good time too.

Honorary Advisor Mr Francis Yapp, Agnes and family.

Digging into it!

Abundant food around.

Angie, Jayden, Lilly and Kyun.

Mun June CHONG & Mom Poh Choo, with Jayden.
Dr Ching, Keith, Treasurer Clement Tsen.
Kevin, Poh Choo, Mun Kay, Lilly, Angie.


Ngiong Tiu Fu

Hakka meat balls

Hakka pork omelette

Francis & Agnes Yapp's presentation.

Hakka dishes