27 May 2011

对联 Couplet for HakkaWA

A Couplet (对联) was done and donated by a member to the Association on the occasion of the Mothers' Gathering at Alan & Lily's house on 14 May 2011.

望 古 今 中 外 人 生 匆 匆 如 过 客,

问 东 西 南 北 天 涯 何 处 不 是 家。

Loosely translated it says:

"From ancient times to the present, whether inside or outside China, people rush through life like guests passing;

From the North to the South, from the East to the West, and to the edge of the world, whichever place can we not call home?"

Hakkas 客家 are so called because we are guests at wherever place we chose to settle in, ever since our ancestors emigrated from the Central Plains 中原in China due to wars. We Hakkas who settle in Western Australia have now chosen to call this place home.

The last word of each of the 2 lines in the Couplet are the 2 words 客(Hak) and 家(Ka), Hakka.

Final Part: 5 HakkaWA Mothers & Children Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 5: HakkaWA Mothers & children

This is the final part of some pics showing some of the HakkaWA Mothers and Children at the party.

Some Mothers gathered around the table to witness Mrs Lily Kong-Yit cut the huge Mothers day cake donated by Mr. Alan Yit.
Preparing to cut the cake.

A group photo first. But where are the rest of the women folks? Looks like they are just too bashful to come forward.

Happy HakkaWA grand kids! Good buddies too!

Jayden Chan.

Playful healthy children!

26 May 2011

Part 4 Savouring: Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 4: Savouring

Pics here show members digging into and savouring all the Hakka dishes spread out on the tables, and sit in the garden pavilions and alfresco to enjoy the 家乡菜。

25 May 2011

Part 3 Raffling: Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 2: Raffling

Members donated many goodies for raffling during the night. Raffle tickets were sold at a very affordable $2 each to ensure the maximum number of members being able to participate and try their luck.

All prizes were donated by members, and the HakkaWA Charity Fund benefited with $338 being added to the existing fund raised from last year's Mothers day Gathering at Tina Wong & Johnny Yong's house.

The following members donated for the raffles:

1. Our Honorary Advisor Mr. Francis Yapp donated a bottle of brandy.

2. Vice President Mr. Ben VB Soon donated a big good coffee maker.

3. Committee member Tina Wong donated 2 bottles of wine.

4. Hannes Chang and family donated 2 flower vases.

5. Mrs Lily Kong-Yit donated 3 mystery packages as prizes.

6. Datin Lilly Yong donated a hamper of goodies.

7. Mr. Dominique Siew Tu donated mugs and many mouse pads printed with "Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc."and our logo.

8. Jonas Yong & Keith Yong contributed a bottle of wine each, on behalf of Lex Legal.

Honorary Advisor Mr. Francis Yapp drew the number for the prize of a premium bottle of brandy which he donated.

Jonas Yong calls out for the winner to come forward, while raffles organiser Keith Yong holds the basket of butts waiting to be drawn. Chia Shui Chong and Louise Vun look on.
Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong did us the honour of drawing a prize.

Members contributed generously by purchasing raffle tickets.

Raffle organiser and Vice President Keith Yong gave the welcoming speech and announced the rules of the raffling, while Honorary Advisor Mr. Francis Yapp, Committee Member Zhou Mi, Angela Han and Associate member Robert Chai listened on.
Simon Chai, son of Associate member Robert Chai, carried away with the big prize, a coffeee maker donated by Vice President VB Soon. Who hope Robert would now become a financial member, Simon to join our Association, soon. Another lucky member carried away the bigger vase donated by Hannes Chang. The vase was actually drawn to Dr. Jeff Tee but the generous Dr. donated it back for redraw.
Our host and Committee Member Mrs. Lily Kong-Yit drew the 3 winning tickets for the 3 prizes or mystery packages she generously donated. Little Jayden Chan also wanted to join in the fun.
Dominique Siew Tu, our member who haild all the way from Mauritius, drew a few winning tickets for the mugs and mouse pads printed with HakkaWA logo and name.

24 May 2011

Part 2 Mingling: Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 2 here are some pics of the members mingling and singing karaoke.
Happy mingling! Louise Vun, a lawyer all the way from Dubai was in Perth visiting her sister Lucille and brother in law Jackson Wong. Here she is enjoying her holiday with local lawyer Keith Yong, Executive Vice President of HakkaWA, Peggy Chao and Jonas Yong, Secretary of HakkaWA.

Mr. Dominique Siew Tu and Mrs Karen Tu share a light moment with Secretary of HakkaWA Jonas Yong. Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong is happily enjoying the moment too.

Now we members know that we have quite a few star level 歌星级 singers in our midst!

Some of the mothers mingling. Ms Tina Wong, Judy Vun and Angie Yong.

Life member Mrs. Zhang, daughter Shanshan and Datin Lilly.

Left to right: Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong, Mr. Chia Shui Chong, Committee Member and host Mr. Alan Yit, Mr. Michael Cheah, and Xiao Ye.

A group photo of some of the members attending. About 80 members were present that evening, so this photo shows only about half of the total number attending.

Part 1 - Food: Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 1 is this first post of the Mothers Day Gathering pics we will show the food first.

This was a potluck gathering on Saturday 14 May 2011, for which members brought some food and drinks to supplement the base supply of food and drinks by the hosts Mr. Alan Yit 易俊雄先生and Mrs. Lily Kong-Yit 江莉莉女士.

A big thank you must go to the Yit Family for a very successful Gathering. Mr. & Mrs. Yit were charming hosts, and their sons and daughter-in-law are efficiency personified.

The Mothers Day cake shown here was sponsored by our host Mr. Alan Yit. Thanks, Alan!

The spread of Hakka food brought by the members are shown here:

Our Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong 张仕煌and Mrs. Chong brought not 1, but 3 bowls of this delicious Hakka Kiu Nyuk 客家扣肉:

Look at these mouth-watering Hakka food! Thanks to all the members who brought them!

Just look at these again. Many members say they can't wait for the next HakkaWA potluck gathering.

20 May 2011

Day 7 of Tour of Hakka Territories in Southern China Feb/Mar 2011 西澳客家公会省亲考察团2011年2月27日至3月5日中国一游

Day 7:Final day of he tour as a Group
Heyaun, Huizhou, Shenzhen

The Group dispersed at Shenzhen after the 7th day. All stayed at least 1 more night at Shenzhen; some stayed more nights for shopping; some proceeded to Guangzhou; some went on to Malaysia; and the rest proceeded to Hong Kong, onwards back to Perth.

Day 6 of Tour of Hakka Territories in Southern China Feb/Mar 2011 西澳客家公会省亲考察团2011年2月27日至3月5日中国一游

Day 6: Longchuan 龙川县。和乡亲父老们


Day 5 of Tour of Hakka Territories in Southern China Feb/Mar 2011 西澳客家公会省亲考察团2011年2月27日至3月5日中国一游

Day 5 and we were in Meizhou 梅州, 梅县:

Toured 叶剑英元帅故居,and met with 叶帅的侄儿叶选番。