24 May 2011

Part 2 Mingling: Mothers Day Gathering 2011 母亲节聚餐

Part 2 here are some pics of the members mingling and singing karaoke.
Happy mingling! Louise Vun, a lawyer all the way from Dubai was in Perth visiting her sister Lucille and brother in law Jackson Wong. Here she is enjoying her holiday with local lawyer Keith Yong, Executive Vice President of HakkaWA, Peggy Chao and Jonas Yong, Secretary of HakkaWA.

Mr. Dominique Siew Tu and Mrs Karen Tu share a light moment with Secretary of HakkaWA Jonas Yong. Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong is happily enjoying the moment too.

Now we members know that we have quite a few star level 歌星级 singers in our midst!

Some of the mothers mingling. Ms Tina Wong, Judy Vun and Angie Yong.

Life member Mrs. Zhang, daughter Shanshan and Datin Lilly.

Left to right: Honorary Advisor Mr. James Chong, Mr. Chia Shui Chong, Committee Member and host Mr. Alan Yit, Mr. Michael Cheah, and Xiao Ye.

A group photo of some of the members attending. About 80 members were present that evening, so this photo shows only about half of the total number attending.

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