29 November 2013

Global Hakka Conference 2013 全球客家恳亲大会

President of HakkaWA Cr. Keith Yong attended the 2013 Global Hakka Conference, Taipei 19-22 November 2013 2013 全球客家恳亲大会

Welcoming Signboard

Minister, Huang, Yu-Cheng – Hakka Affairs Council

President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Mr Ma Jin Jiu, speaking in Hakka at the conference. He is a Hakka and he proudly pronounced it so, at the conference.


President of HakkaWA Cr. Keith Yong with Tan Sri Datuk Ng Teck Fong, Group Executive Chairman of TOMEI Consolidated Berhad (Gold & Jewellery) & Properties group.

HakkaWA President Cr. Keith Yong with Minister Huang

Visiting Hakka Village in Kaohsiung

Hakka traditional house 

Hakka popo who can speak Hakka and Japanese

Han Yu Hakka temple

Map showing Hakka Migration to Taiwan

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