11 June 2011

Final Part: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

In this FINAL part, we post some photos of the lucky-dips. And we want to take the opportunity to thank all those members who donated the prizes. Donors included Lily Kong-Yit and Keith Yong.

Shown below here are some of the many prizes waiting for the lucky winners!

Honorary Advisor Mr James Chong won the grand prize in the lucky dip. The prize was a gift from Committee member Lily Kong-Yit, who presented the winner with the prize!

Treasurer Clement Tsen presenting the prize to the winners.

Chau Yau presenting the prize to winner Clement Tsen.

Committee member Alan Yit drew the winner ticket belonging to Joyce Khoo, who seems so happy, as shown here.

Committee member Norman Chia presenting a prize.

Norman Chia presenting the prize to winner Jacey, wife of Assistant Secretary Chris SL Wong.

Xiao Ye presenting a prize.

Now, Honorary Advisor Mr James Chong presents a prize to winner and Committee member Xiao Ye, who donated the prize back for redraw. Thanks, Xiao Ye laoshi!

Dominique Siew Tu receiving his prize from the lucky dip. Good on you, Dom!

10 June 2011

Part 4: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

Part 4: Digging into it! Everyone enjoying themselves!

To start off, let's try the dimpling (zonzi)


Clement Tsen shares his wisdom, while Ms Judy Vun and Datin Lilly study the food.

Jonas Yong sharing a light moment with Clement Tsen, while Peggy enjoys the food.

Honorary Advisor Mr James Chong conversing with Datuk & Datin Khoo. Thank you, James, for looking after our special guests.

09 June 2011

Part 3: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

Part 3: Pre-start.

Organising Chairman Keith Yong giving the welcoming speech: Xiao Ye talked about Duanwu and the Hakkas, as well as adding a bit of Hakka singing!

Alan & Lily Yit and family, with Annie Wong and friends. Jonas & keith standing behind them for a pose.
Secretary-General Jonas Yong with the owner of the restaurant and HakkaWA member Mr Chai (Ah Wing), and Mr Wu Ping Ming.

Committee Members Mrs Lily Kong-Yit & Mr Alan Yit - The beautiful and handsome couple. Always with lovely smiles!
Mr Dominique & Mrs Karen Siew Tu, seen here to the left; and Mrs Anita Chong, to the right; pre-dinner.
Mr Chau Yau & Mrs Theresa Chau, and their friends pre-dinner.
Peggy, Mr & Mrs Chao to the left, and Chris SL Wong to the right. Young HakkaWA members in the making - over to you, Norman.

Part 2: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

Part 2: The welcoming banner, and the members and guests arriving.

The welcoming banner. Xiao Ye welcoming Wu Ping Ming, and Jonas Yong welcoming Chau Yau.
Keith welcoming Mr Alan Yit, Mrs Lily Kong-Yit & family. Seen here at fore are Dominique Siew Tu chatting with Tee Young. Datuk Khoo and Datin arriving.Seen here below are:

Left: Honorary Advisor Mr James Chong who thought this Duanwu Gathering was almost as good as the Chinese New Year Dinner.

Centre: Xiao Ye

Right: Keith Yong

Smiley Norman, happy Annie and their friends arriving.

08 June 2011

Part 1: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

The 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering was organised by the Committee of Management in response to popular demand by members.

It was held 0n 6 June 2011 (Duanwu Festival Day), at Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant, North Perth.
为 庆 祝 端 午 节 并 以 应 大 数 会 员 的 要 求, 理 事 会 于 福 苑 海 鲜 餐 厅 主 办 了2011年 会 员 端 午 聚 餐。

Due to limited space, only 50 tickets were sold, and they were snapped up within 3 days of the notification to members. From the decision of the Committee meeting on 29 May 2011 to the actual event, a mere 8 days elapsed, and by all accounts and feedback, it was a success, as everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves throughout the evening.

In this first part, we post here some of the main dishes and two desserts, to remind you and get your mouths watering, before we move on to show the beautiful people of the evening.