09 June 2011

Part 3: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

Part 3: Pre-start.

Organising Chairman Keith Yong giving the welcoming speech: Xiao Ye talked about Duanwu and the Hakkas, as well as adding a bit of Hakka singing!

Alan & Lily Yit and family, with Annie Wong and friends. Jonas & keith standing behind them for a pose.
Secretary-General Jonas Yong with the owner of the restaurant and HakkaWA member Mr Chai (Ah Wing), and Mr Wu Ping Ming.

Committee Members Mrs Lily Kong-Yit & Mr Alan Yit - The beautiful and handsome couple. Always with lovely smiles!
Mr Dominique & Mrs Karen Siew Tu, seen here to the left; and Mrs Anita Chong, to the right; pre-dinner.
Mr Chau Yau & Mrs Theresa Chau, and their friends pre-dinner.
Peggy, Mr & Mrs Chao to the left, and Chris SL Wong to the right. Young HakkaWA members in the making - over to you, Norman.

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