09 June 2011

Part 2: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

Part 2: The welcoming banner, and the members and guests arriving.

The welcoming banner. Xiao Ye welcoming Wu Ping Ming, and Jonas Yong welcoming Chau Yau.
Keith welcoming Mr Alan Yit, Mrs Lily Kong-Yit & family. Seen here at fore are Dominique Siew Tu chatting with Tee Young. Datuk Khoo and Datin arriving.Seen here below are:

Left: Honorary Advisor Mr James Chong who thought this Duanwu Gathering was almost as good as the Chinese New Year Dinner.

Centre: Xiao Ye

Right: Keith Yong

Smiley Norman, happy Annie and their friends arriving.

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