08 June 2011

Part 1: 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering

The 2011年会员端午聚餐 Duanwu Festival 2011 HakkaWA Gathering was organised by the Committee of Management in response to popular demand by members.

It was held 0n 6 June 2011 (Duanwu Festival Day), at Fitzgerald Seafood Restaurant, North Perth.
为 庆 祝 端 午 节 并 以 应 大 数 会 员 的 要 求, 理 事 会 于 福 苑 海 鲜 餐 厅 主 办 了2011年 会 员 端 午 聚 餐。

Due to limited space, only 50 tickets were sold, and they were snapped up within 3 days of the notification to members. From the decision of the Committee meeting on 29 May 2011 to the actual event, a mere 8 days elapsed, and by all accounts and feedback, it was a success, as everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves throughout the evening.

In this first part, we post here some of the main dishes and two desserts, to remind you and get your mouths watering, before we move on to show the beautiful people of the evening.

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