31 March 2010

Final post - Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010

The hosts were:

Consul-General Mr. Li Shugang (Seated, centre), Mrs. Li (Seated, 2nd from right), Consul Madam Deng Fang & Consul Mr. Yang (Standing, 2nd left and 1st left).

Our representatives:

Standing, from left - Mr. Ben SOON Vui Bin (Vice President), Mr. Chris Se Lip WONG (Committee Member), Mr. Clement TSEN (Assistant Secretary-General), Mr. CHIN Foh En (Honorary Advisor), and Mr. Harry Seow (Honorary Advisor).

Seated - from left - Mr. Francis YAPP (Honorary Advisor), Ms. Tina WONG (Women's Wing), Dato' YONG Tet Khiong (President), Keith Yit-Kee YONG (Vice President) and Jonas Yit-Joon YONG (Secretary-General).

Post 2 of 3 - Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010

The hospitality extended to our Association is very much appreciated.

Mr. Li Shugang & Mrs. Li (who was an eye specialist in Beijing), as well as Consul Deng Fang and Consul Yang, were excellent hosts who made sure all the 10 of us had a wonderful experience that evening.

Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010

The Consul-General of the People's Republic of China in Perth, Mr. Li Shugang extended an invitation to the Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc. to send 10 members to have dinner with him, his wife and two of his Consuls on 24 March 2010 at the Consulate-General in East Perth.
Our Association sent 10 Honorary Advisors and Committee Members lead by our President Dato' Yong Tet Khiong.

30 March 2010

Last of 4 posts - Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

After the good exercises, most of the players then munched on the Easter cross buns so generously supplied by Clement Tsen.

Some of the other members proceeded to Bentley Chinese Restaurant at 28A Chapman Road, St James for some drinks and snacks. The loh-pak and home-made spring rolls there were delicious!

3rd of 4 posts - Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

See all the ladies in action?!

More pics of the Badminton games on 27 March '10

Clement and Jonas in action.

Even little Jayden wants to join in the actvities.

Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

This is the 1st post of 5 photos each, of the badminton group's activity at Wesley College, South Perth on Saturday 27 March 2010.

Clement Tsen, Nick Tye and his parents, and 2 of the Sim brothers are amongst the players. Clement brought some Easter Cross Buns for all to enjoy.

29 March 2010

More pics from the 27 Feb '10 function

Mr. Clement Tsen, who is our Assistant Secretary and his wife Madam Chiew Yieng KIING, who are Life Members of our Association, also purchased 2 tickets to attend this function. Their strong support for the Association's activities are very commendable!

Because the organisers announced that our Hakka Association supported them that evening, some Hakkas approached our table and asked to join the Association.

27 Feb '10 Chinese New Year function

Our Association sent a delegation of 10 to purchase a table at the Chinese New Year function organised by the Australian Chinese Mainlanders & Friends Association on 27 February 2010.

These are some of the pictures taken during the night.

28 March 2010

Final 2 photos - Chinese New Year 24 Feb '10

These and some other photos are provided by our Committee member Ms. Tina Wong's daughter Natasha Yong, and because the resolution of the pics are very high we can only post fewer photos per post due to uploading limits.

Here Tina is seen with the twin lawyers Jonas Yong & Keith Yong of Lex Legal.

Tina is a Committee Member and is very supportive of our Association. Her husband Mr. Johnny Yong and their whole family as well as their friends were attending this function.

Yet more pics from the 24 Feb CNY function

Here one of our most active and supportive members who is also one of our Honorary Advisors Mr. Harry Seow, is seen here with another Honorary Advisor Mr. CHIN Foh En, and other members.

More pics from 24 Feb '10 Chinese New Year function

Our Committee Member Chris Se Lip Wong's daughter Mable was the main drummer of the Lions Dance Troupe, and she is the young lady in blue in one of the pics here.