18 March 2011

Swan River Cruise on 14 November 2010

26 HakkaWA members out of a total of 29 passengers were on the Swan River Cruise on 14 November 2010. (The Association's funds were not utilised at all, and 90% of the passengers were members. Each and every passgenger paid $50. All members were invited).

4 of the true blue young HakkaWA members on board the cruise boat.

Members and family enjoying the buffet spread on board the cruise boat.
Member # 009 Joyce and Tee Young enjoying the barbeque on board the cruise boat.

LIFE member Charlie Chang, and member Ken Lin and his dad, tucking at the buffet.

Service personnel explaining the safety features and facilities on board.

Life member Charlie Chang's family, and members #005 Evelyn Wong & #006 Kevin Chong, and family.

The only Honorary Advisor, Life member Harry Seow on board. Another MEMBER there (who said no HakkaWA members were on the cruise?)

Life Member Charlie Chang & family
LIFE Member Charlie CHANG and his family. Charlie joined as a LIFE Member straight away on application. Real members there!
Cruising...Keith and sister Angie & nephew Jayden, with Charlie Chang, and Ken Lin's dad at the background

Boarding the Cruise Boat

Buffet on  board

Executive Vice President Keith trying on the Captain's seat

Relaxing on board
Cruised to sunset

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