12 July 2012

HakkaWA Dinner Gathering Duanwu 2012 年 会 员 端 午 聚 餐

The Committee of Management organised another HakkaWA Members Dinner Gathering for the 2012 Duanwu (or Dragon Boat, or Dumpling) Festival on Saturday 23 June 2011 (Duanwu Festival Day).

祝 端 午 节 理 事 会 于 2012 6 23 ( 星期六) 五月初五 (端午节日)  2012 西 澳 客 家 公会  会 员  端 午 聚 餐。

澳大利亚时报有报导 Report in the Australia Chinese Times 

Star of the night Lily Yit entertaining all our guests underneath the theme banner

HakkaWA banner

A view of the function in earnest

Try a group photo in HakkaWA uniform jackets
Lily, Norman, Alan and Jonas

Mr Francis Yapp, Mrs Agnes Yapp, Mr Chris HP Wong, Sylvia, Mr Robert Chung, all there

Lucille, Jackson and family

Chris SL Wong, Norman, friends and Annie

Judy Vun, one of the star singers of the night

Ms Qian & Ms Zhang

Judy Vun singing while Agnes, Norman & grandchild look on

Painting donated by Xiao Ye sold to Mr Chen

Anna & Lily

From right: Anita, James, Chris, Francis, Agnes

Keith singing while the ladies Annie, Anna, Lily & Yunkai pose for a picture  in front

Evelyn Poh Choo Wong-Chong & family were there too

Lily, Keith, Norman & Jonas

Lucky winner

Drawing a winner's number

Another winner

More winners

Keith Yong & Lily Yit singing on karaoke

Secretary-General Jonas Yong & his lovely wife Peggy

The Noen family


  1. When is the next event? I want to join!

    1. Thank you. The pictures were great and especially inspiring and encouraging for new members like me.

      I look forward to me and my wife joining your next dinner function on Father's Day.

      Ivan & Irene Ho
      New Members

    2. Thank you, Ivan & Irene. Sorry you have to post your comments as "Anonymous" but that's all we know that works.

      See you around at the Fathers day Gathering on 1 September 2012, and there will also be a Potluck Gathering on Mid-Autumn Festival Day on 30 September 2012. See you there too?

  2. No need to post as "Anonymous". Comment as: (Choose 'Name/URL' and put in your name and ignore the URL part unless you have a website).

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