05 October 2012

Moon Festival Potluck Gathering 中 秋 节 会 员 聚 餐

Moon Festival Potluck HakkaWA Members Gathering at Honorary Advisor Mr Ben VB Soon’s residence on Sunday 30 September 2012.

祝 中 节 西 澳 客 家 公 会 名 誉 顾 问 孙 伟 斌 先 生 人 于 他 们 的 住 居 大 厦 主 办 会 员 聚 餐.

Indonesian Hakka contingent.

Mr Soon serving alcohol to members.

Welcoming speech by the newly elected President Keith Yong with the host Mr Soon looking  on

From left: Hon. Advisor Edward Kuh's wife Sandra, Immediate Past President Dato' Yong,  newest member and President of Buddhist Light International Mr Patrick Cheow & wife, and Vice President Norman Chia

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