20 April 2013

Hakka Guangdong Ancestral Villages Tour – April 2013 年 四 月 广 东 探 亲 团

Guangdong Hakka Ancestral Villages Tour – April 2013
2013 年 四 月 广 东 探 亲 团

This tour has just been completed. 10 members arrived at different days, and grouped in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, then flew off together from there to Shenzhen in China on 5 April, and the tour ended when all 10 members returning to their respective homes by 14 April 2013.

4   April Day 0: Pre-Tour Seafood Dinner in Kota Kinabalu 旅游开始前晚在亚庇先来一餐海鲜晚餐
5   April Day 1:  Kota Kinabalu - Shenzhen  亚庇 - 深圳
6   April Day 2:  Shenzhen – Zijin    深圳 紫金
7   April Day 3:  Zijin – Meizhou     紫金 梅州
8   April Day 4:  Meizhou – Longchuan    梅州 龍川
9   April Day 5:  Longchuan – Guangzhou 龍川 廣州
10 April Day 6:  Guangzhou – Luoding     廣州  羅定
11 April Day 7:  Luoding – Jiangmen - Xinhui - Shenzhen  羅定 – 江门 – 新会 深圳
12 April Day 8:  Shenzhen - Kota Kinabalu/Kuala Lumpur/ then Perth  深圳 - 亚庇/吉隆坡 - 然后珀斯



10 位会员先在马来西亚沙巴亚庇集合,行程旅遊於45日正式開始。

Now, the pictures to prove it! Let's start with the Pre-Tour Seafood Dinner at Kota Kinabalu  亚庇 :

1st of 2 Tables for the Pre-Tour Seafood Dinner. Assistant Secretary Chris SL Wong happened to be in KK so he joined in.

Table 2: Some of the tour group members and some of their guests in KK

Just look at the spread of the best Sabah seafood and Sabah vegetables. 沙巴海鲜,津津有味!
Then, we are in Shenzhen 深圳 already:
Shopping in Shenzhen - James, Mary & Anita 深圳东门

To have Longchuan cuisine in Shenzhen 深圳龙川菜

The whole group in the bus with our tour guide Xiao Chen (Ah Tao)

Ricky & Julie

Francis, Cyril & Agnes - all happy and anticipating meeting relatives at Zijin soon

        Zijin 紫金:
Arriving happy!

With Ms Wang of Shenzhou Tours

Arrived Zijin - at the hotel

Chair big enough as a throne, for King James

Francis & Cyril happy to at last see relatives from the Yapp clan in Zijin

More relatives coming for lunch together, what a union!
Francis at his ancestral village Shigui Village going through the family tree book with new found relatives  叶先生和新找到的亲戚们一起查族谱

Francis & Cyril's ancestral village

The village itself; so pristine
Village Party leader (a Yapp, in red) and other relatives, with Cyril

Francis serving the new found relatives

The group in the village

Happy together! That old lady is Cyril's favourite newly found relative

A group photo with the village Party Chief in front of his office

Another branch of the Yapp family ancestry found

A group photo in front of the second ancestral home of Francis' and Cyril's

Dinner at Zijin

Zijin specialty - guess what it is! 紫金特食 - 猜是什么.

            Meizhou 梅州:
First stop in Meizhou, visiting HakkaWA member Peter Hoe's English Academy
The whole group in full uniform, with Peter Hoe, in front of the welcoming banner at T.E.A.
Presenting a pennant to the Chairman of The English Academy Mr Peter Hoe

Peter Hoe explaining the set up of The English Academy
Classrooms in T.E.A. are named after Cities in Australia

James with the tour guide Ah Tao, officer from the tour company Ms Wang, and  driver  Mr Pang (another Hakka) -  the prospective students at the TEA

A Hakka word - who knows how to say it and what it means?

Closer than sisters

Presenting a pennant to Ms Cai, Chairman of the Returned Overseas Chinese Association in Meizhou  赠送锦旗给梅州侨联主席蔡女士

Visiting the Hakka Museum

Meizhou is the Hakka Capital of the World where 99.9% of the population there are Hakkas (only  5,000 of the 5 million population are non-Hakkas)

客家人自创之字: ’我‘ 的意思 A unique Chinese word created by the Hakkas, meaning  'I'.

客家大盆菜 The famous Hakka Tai Poon Choi
Hakka dessert 客家甜品

Hakka style veggie 客家菜

Famous Hakka specialty 'Abacus beads' 算盘子
At the roadside - to have breakfast

Yum Mein (comes with the soup) 腌麺 

Ms Cai of Qiao Lian taking us to taste the Meizhou Hakka "Yum Mein" (like the kon lao mein in Sabah) - for breakfast  

Not bad. 

Thanks to Ms Cai who insisted on taking us, with Peter Hoe, to taste the Meizhou roadside breakfast specialty: Yum Mein 腌麺. 蛮好吃的呢!

All had at least a bowl, some more


Cyril with Peter Hoe's assistant Ms Fu。 Cyril 吃两碗,好吗?

Ms Fu with Mary
Hakka Park Brings Happiness To All 客天下幸福天下客 

客天下 Hakka Park

在客天下 At the Hakka Park
        Longchuan 龙川:
Arrived 龙川, Dato' Yong met with his cousins and a  cousins-in-law

Dato' Yong's cousin-in-law serving Longchuan lunch for the group。She's a Yapp, and her maternal  grandfather  is a Chong from James' village and happens to be a cousin to James' grandfather. Thus we were able to find James' ancestral house quite easily!

Longchuan ngiong tiu fu 龙川让豆腐

Dato' Yong's grand-niece and her grandmother, with Datin Lilly

Dato' Yong's cousin and his daugher-in-law

Enjoying Longchuan lunch

Longchuan relatives


More relatives
Ex-teacher and principals relatives

Dinner hosted by Dato' Yong

With Government officers and relatives

Cheers, and good bye again!
Then, there was the tracing of James Chong's ancestral village (Chuanheng Village 船亨村):

Deep inside Chuangheng Village in Longchuan 船亨村的村民

James found his ancestral home, and the group took a photo there for remembrance 找到了张仕煌先生的祖屋,来一张全体照 

张先生等查族谱 Looking through the ancestral almanac with relatives

Anita helping in the analysis using her iPad 张太也很大帮忙

在张家祖屋里面合照 A photo with Mr & Mrs Chong inside the ancestral home

寻根问底,(寻根问祖) 于船亨村 Search and look at all possibilities for hints

叶育清会员扮村民 Cyril a villager there?
多么漂亮的村景 Peaceful & beautiful village scene



就是这间房子了!James said 'this was the house!"

祖屋里面 Inside the house
Loquat - Fruits in Longchuan

Fresh oranges

Durian & bananas

What a big durian, and in Longchuan?

Roast goose in Longchuan

Foot massage, also at Longchuan

James, Anita & Mary enjoying foot massage after a long day's search for  ancestral homes  at Chuanheng in Longchuan

Then, on to Guangzhou 广州:

Cyril up at the top of 广州塔
James at the top of Canton Tower

Mr Zhang Xiaoting, Honorary Advisor of HakkaWA, & Deputy President of the Australia Hakka Business Council Inc. hosted a dinner for the whole group in Guangzhou 西澳客家公会名誉顾问,澳洲客家商会署理会长张小庭先生在广州晚宴招待了全部团员

The restaurant's specialty the German Pork Knuckle

Simple looking buns, but so different

Not much to look at, but out of this world to taste

Stayed at 5-Star hotels

Buffet Breakfasts in garden settings

James relaxing in the large sized hotel rooms

Pointing at buildings under construction, not birds, Agnes.

The German pork knuckles must be delicious
       Luoding 罗定:

赵素卿女士(叶太)在罗定找到了亲戚,并到太平村里面拜访了他们,也当晚和他们共进晚餐。This is Luoding, where Agnes managed to find some of her relatives and visited their village, and had dinner with them:

Agnes with her new found relatives in Luoding. Cyril and Francis were also there, inside the village house

Outside the house belonging to Agnes' relatives

At Luoding, where Agnes found her relatives

Luoding specialty

罗定At Luoding

  Next, Xinhui 新会:

This is the city where Anita and Lilly's ancestors migrated from, to the "South Oceans" and to Australia。此地为林少莲(张太)和赵影邻(杨太)的原乡。他们的祖先就由此移民到南洋和澳洲。

This place is famous for its roast goose, so we had to savour it. And we were not disappointed.
Busy ordering roast goose etc

Looks good? Tastes even better!

Simple tomatoes can also be made so tasty

The famous roast goose, not much to look at, but wait till you eat it.


Roasts combination, also very tasty
So, back to Shenzhen 深圳 again:

That night, the Executive Vice President of the Global Union for Tshung Tsin and Hakka Association (GUTTHA) Ltd, Mr Chen Kon Tao hosted a dinner specially for the group in Shenzhen City. Sumptuous dinner aside there were karaoke and dancing.


本会永久名誉主席拿督杨德强代表西澳客家公会献锦旗给全球客家,崇正会联合总会 常务副总执行长,曾观涛先生,以表谢意!Dato' Yong representing HakkWA in donating a pennant to Mr Chen Kon Tao, Executive Vice President of GUTTHA Inc.

Anita singing and Mr Chen offers flowers

Honorary Chairman Dato' Yong representing HakkaWA in offering a pennant to the Secretary-General of GUTTHA Mr Wang Chang Jiang

And then, we are back in Kota Kinabalu:

The night we arrive back in KK, Ricky & Julie Leng hosted a dinner for the group in appreciation for the good time they had with all of us.

Mr Francis Yapp& Agnes, and Mr Cyril Yapp & Benedette, hosted a lunch with their nephew and wife for the group the day before we depart KK for Perth, thus ending the tour.

Hosts Francis & Cyril with Dato' Yong

Best of KK were presented

All  enjoying the lunch

Francis & Cyril with nephew Stephen; The Yapp Family; the group picture

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