03 December 2013

4th Anniversary Celebrations Gathering 庆祝公会成立四周年联欢聚餐

171 members and guests gathered on 1 December 2013 at Serai Dining in Bibra Lake, WA, to celebrate the Association's 4th Anniversary of coming into being.

为庆祝西澳客家公会成立4周年纪念, 171会员和贵宾们于2013121日在Serai Dining聚餐庆祝。
The actual date of registration of the Association is 9 June 2009. On 12 June 2009, the day the Certificate was received, all the existing members at that time had a Formation Meeting. The first Annual general meeting was held on 31 October 2009.
So, HakkaWA is actually about to 4 1/2 years of age. The 5th Anniversary should be celebrated in June 2014 if possible.

A big Thank You to Lily Kong-Yit and Alan Yit for heading the Organising Committee.

Dr Jeffrey Tee did another fantastic job being the MC for the night. Thank you, Doc!

BIG THANKS also to our  SPONSORS of raffle draws prizes:

Vivien Qian, Norman & Annie Chia, Anna Zhang, Mr & Mrs Kwan Soehartono, Irene & Ivan Ho, 
James & Anita Chong, Francis & Agnes Yapp, Dr Jeffrey Tee, Alan & Lily Yit

President Cr. Keith Yong's speech 会长杨奕驹议员致词

Deputy Consul-General of PRC Mr LIU Yu Tong giving a speech 中国驻珀斯副总领事刘禹同致词

Luong sifu performing the martial arts from Yarn Yee Tong 仁义堂的梁师父表演功夫


Presenting a HakkaWA bannerette to Dr YS Yow

Anniversary Cake


切4周年蛋糕 Cutting the 4th Anniversary Cake

Honorary Advisor Mr Edward Kuh representing Da Vanti Homes presenting a cheque for $1,500 to the President as a donation to the Association, for members Alan & Lily Yit's building 2 houses through them

Karaoke singing 爱拼才会赢

Sheree, Susan, Cedric singing karaoke with the President

Cedric & the Secretary-General Jonas Yong

Dr Jeff Tee feeding the Lion

Lucille & Jackson. See, so much food. Can't finish!

Jackson, Lucille & family

Edward Kuh & family

Chris Wong was influenced by the kungfu demonstration by Luong sufu, was going to use his kungfu to cut the cake! 黄世立副秘书想用在梁师父哪儿刚学来的功夫来切周年蛋糕!


  1. VERY WELL DONE. Congratulation to President K Yong and all his committees
    Looking forward for next function

  2. 5th Anniversary Celebrations Gathering should be in June 2014! But here will be many events yet before then, I believe.