21 March 2014

HAKKA Kilin at Perth Chinese New Year Fair 客家麒麟在珀斯中华文化节亮相

For the Perth Chinese New Year Fair on 9 February 2014 at Northbridge, our Kilin (Unicorn) Dance Troupe lead by some Honorary Advisors and ExCo members, totalling 15 in all, including children, accepting the invitation by a Dragon & Lions Dance Troupe to join them them, thus historically created the first Dragon-Unicorn-Lion Dance Troupe in Australia.

The leaders include: President Keith Yong, Secretary-General Jonas Yong, Honorary Advisor James Chong & wife Anita, Francis Yapp & wife Agnes, Chong Fah, Dato' & Datin Yong, and members Peggy Chao, Danny Chan, Angie Yong, and Jayden, Lucas & Adrian.

Posted here are some of the photos taken in the Perth Chinese New year Fair 2014.





Dragon-Unicorn-Lion combined Troupe 龙鳞狮大会串

梁师傅和会长杨奕驹 Master Luong & President Keith

Chong Fah & Keith with the Dragon & Lion Dance

Dragon & Unicorn Dance together 龙麟共舞

Combined Dragon & Unicorns Dance

Dinner after the event

Anita, James, John & Jonas - planning next year's event

Peggy, Agnes, Francis & TK

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