17 May 2015

Mothers Day Picnic 母亲节野餐

To celebrate Mothers Day this year, the HakkaWA Women’s League organised a Picnic by the Swan River, at Charles Paterson Park, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood WA on 16 May 2015. 
This was a potluck event. Each one brought some food and drinks to share. Many members and friends joined in despite the rain, cold and wind.  Come what may - Rain, Hail or Shine - The Hakka Spirit prevailed!
As a member remarked philosophically: “Rain won’t dampen our spirit, the cold won’t freeze our enthusiasm, the wind won’t blow away our friendship. Why should the weather decide whether we should be happy and enjoy or not?”
为庆祝今年的母亲节,公会的妇女组安排了一個于2015 516日在天鹅河边的野餐活动,和全部会员与朋友们集聚。


Thank you for sending in 12 more photos of this event. We post them here for all to enjoy!


  1. Wow! We heard the Shandong Association cancelled their picnic at the same place at the similar time due to the prediction of rain, so we thought the Hakka event would be cancelled too. Fancy it was still on!?

  2. Hakka Spirit. Hakka ngin dont give up easily.

  3. I enjoyed the friendliness of everyone there. It was like we were all related. I forgot the cold wind. The pavilion was a brilliant idea.