31 March 2010

Final post - Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010


Post 2 of 3 - Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010

The hospitality extended to our Association is very much appreciated. Mr. Li Shugang & Mrs. Li (who was an eye specialist in Beijing), as well as Consul Deng Fang and Consul Yang, were excellent hosts who made sure all the 10 of us had a wonderful experience that evening.

Dinner Invitation by Consul-General of China 24 March 2010

The Consul-General of the People's Republic of China in Perth, Mr. Li Shugang extended an invitation to the Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc. to send 10 members to have dinner with him, his wife and two of his Consuls on 24 March 2010 at the Consulate-General in East Perth.

30 March 2010

Last of 4 posts - Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

After the good exercises, most of the players then munched on the Easter cross buns so generously supplied by Clement Tsen. Some of the other members proceeded to Bentley Chinese Restaurant at 28A Chapman Road, St James for some drinks and snacks. The loh-pak and home-made spring rolls there were delicious!

3rd of 4 posts - Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

See all the ladies in action?!

More pics of the Badminton games on 27 March '10

Clement in action.

Badminton group activity on 27 March '10 at Wesley College

This is the 1st post of 5 photos each, of the badminton group's activity at Wesley College, South Perth on Saturday 27 March 2010. Clement Tsen, Nick Tye and his parents, and 2 of the Sim brothers are amongst the players. Clement brought some Easter Cross Buns for all to enjoy.

27 March 2010

3rd badminton group activity - more pics

Even beginners can have a good time getting some exercise. Many of the players in the group are not seasoned players, but enjoy the physical workout as well as the good compamy. For example, the group adjourned after the games to lunch at Bentley Chinese Restauant.

3rd Badminton games - Feb 2010

The 3rd badminton games were played at the Morely Sport & Recreation Centre on 27 February 2010.

26 March 2010

Chinese New Year Gathering Feb 2010

Here are 4 more pics of the Roleystone gathering at Edward & Sandra Kuh's home.

Chinese New Year Gathering Feb 2010

1st day of Chinese New Year, Sunday 14 February 2010 Mr. Edward Kuh and his wife Sandra hosted this 3rd Hakka WA dinner gathering at their vast property at Roleystone.

25 March 2010

2nd Badminton games - more pics

2nd Badminton games:

2nd Badminton games

After the first successful games members and some friends join for a 2nd games organised by the Badminton Group. Venues have been either at the Morley Sport & Recreation Centre, Morley, or at the Wesley College in South Perth.

24 March 2010

2nd Gathering, New Year 2010

From the function at Mr. Ben Soon's house in January 2010:

2010 New Year Gathering

Here comes 5 more pics.

January 2010 New Year Gathering

2010 New Year Gathering in January was the 2nd Hakka WA Dinner gathering, sponsored by Mr. Ben VB Soon and his family, at their residence in Canning Vale. It was another voluntary potluck event, and every one had a good time enjoying the food and good company.

22 March 2010

1st Badminton Group games

On 30 January 2010 The Hakka WA Badminton Group played its first games at the Morley Sport & Recreation Centre, Wellington Road, Morley. These are some of the photos taken during the event.

20 March 2010

Dong Zhi Gathering Dec 2009 冬至聚餐 No. 2

This 2nd posting on the Dong Zhi 2009 Gathering contains 5 photos, without captions. To view the photos in a larger format simply click on the photo concerned.

18 March 2010

Dong Zhi Gathering Dec 2009 冬至聚餐

The first Hakka WA Dinner Gathering was on 19 December 2009 to celebrate Winter Solstice 2009. It was sponsored by the President, with voluntary potluck by some other generous members. The event was held at the Association's temporary office at Level 4 Mint House 326 hay St, Perth WA 6000.
This first photo shows from left:
Raemon Lim (son of Honorary Advisor Sin Hin Lim), Francis Yapp (Honorary Advisor), Jackson Wong, Ben VB Soon (Vice President) and Chin Foh En (Honorary Advisor).

17 March 2010

Symbolism of the Logo of Hakka WA 西澳客家公会标志的意义

A Tung Oil Tree Flower and the Southern Cross over the map of Australia, over a red globe outline.

1.The Tung Oil Tree Flower represents the Hakka people. White represents purity.

2.The Southern Cross, which forms part of the Australian flag, over Western Australia, means the Hakkas in WA.

3.The blue map of Australia means the presence of Hakkas in this Country, and blue represents Australians, it also being the main colour of the Australian flag.

4.The red globe outline means the Chinese Hakkas are spread all over the world.






油桐花与客家 The Tong Oil Tree flower & the Hakkas

• 油桐花并不是客家人专有的,但大家一看到油桐花总是会想到「客家」。

• 油桐花可以当作是我们「客家精神」的表征,因为,油桐花代表了在过去经济发展的阶段,客家人辛苦地为了生活去打拼、努力的精神!

• 油桐花是白色的,因为在五月时盛开,使得山林如白雪覆盖一般美丽,因此又有「五月雪」之称。美丽的油桐花,就好像雪精灵下凡一样!

• 油桐是中国特有经济林木,它与油茶、核桃、乌桖并称中国四大木本油料植物。油桐至少有千年以上的栽培历史,直到1880年后,才陆续传到国外。由于油桐可以生产珍贵的桐油,因此油桐显得很贵重。

Hakka Association WA logo

The Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc. logo is below. A description of the symbolism of this logo will be contained in the next post.