24 October 2012

Spring Wildflowers Picnic & BBQ 春 季 野 餐 烧 烤 野 花 欣 赏 会

HakkaWA Members had a Spring Picnic & BBQ to enjoy the spring weather and wildflowers at our hosts Honorary Advisor Mr & Mrs Edward Kuh’s property on Sunday 21 October 2012.

The property at Roleystone is a 5-acres site with original rural settings. The Wildflowers and fruit blossoms were still around for all to enjoy.

The graceful hosts prepared plenty of food for the picnic and the BBQ. Members also brought a lot of food and drinks. All had a good time!

西 澳 客 家 公 会 名 誉 顾 问 古 远 求 先 生 温 玉 蓉 女 士 
于 他 们的 田 园 住 居 主 办 了 会 员 春 季 野 餐 烧 烤 野 花 欣 赏 会 


Annie & grandson

Nancy & Annie with the host Sandra

05 October 2012

Moon Festival Potluck Gathering 中 秋 节 会 员 聚 餐

Moon Festival Potluck HakkaWA Members Gathering at Honorary Advisor Mr Ben VB Soon’s residence on Sunday 30 September 2012.

祝 中 节 西 澳 客 家 公 会 名 誉 顾 问 孙 伟 斌 先 生 人 于 他 们 的 住 居 大 厦 主 办 会 员 聚 餐.

Indonesian Hakka contingent.

Mr Soon serving alcohol to members.