17 December 2014

Fan Kungfu - HakkaWA Women's League 妇女组功夫扇

The Fan Kungfu Group -  功夫扇团队 - was organised by the HakkaWA Women's League 西澳客家公会妇女组。

The HakkaWA Women's League is Chaired by Agnes Yapp, with Secretary being Anita Chong.

The Fan Kungfu teacher is Jacquie Lee.

29 November 2014

27th World Hakka Conference at Kaifeng Henan河南开封第27届世界客家恳亲大会

15 delegates from HakkaWA attended the 27th World Hakka Conference at Kaifeng in Henan, and the Global Union of Tshung Tsin & Hakka Associations (GUTTHA) Annual Meeting at Zhengzhou, Henan, from 17th to 20th October 2014.

15 名西澳客家公会代表参加了于河南郑州召开的‘全球客家,崇正会联合总会’年会,和于河南开封召开的第27世界客家恳亲大会。

They recreated a Song Dynasty centre where the costume, decor, buildings, songs, food, drinks are all of the Song Dynasty period, 700 years ago. People frequenting there and eating there are modern people like us delegates.

What a welcome! And more than once they did this sort of welcoming dances!

24 November 2014

Overseas Hakka Associations Leaders' Advisory Meeting 2014 海外客家社团负责人咨询会议

Every 2 years the Ministry of Hakka Affairs in Taiwan 中华民国客家委员会invites leaders of Overseas Hakka associations to attend an Advisory Meeting in Taiwan.

The 2014 Advisory Meeting was held from 27 to 30 October 2014 and HakkaWA was represented by the Secretary-General of HakkaWA.

The President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Mr MA Yin Jiu 马英九总统, and the Minister of Hakka Affairs Mr Liu Qing Zong 刘庆中主任委员, actively participated in the event.

Show time!

The President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Mr MA Yin Jiu 马英九总统 with some of the participants 


President MA Yin Jiu 马英九总统addressing the participants

Minister of Hakka Affairs in the ROC Mr Liu Qing Zong 刘庆中主任委员 giving his address

05 November 2014

HakkaWA AGM 2014 公会常年大会

This year’s attendance was a record. This showed increasing membership interests in the affairs of the Association, which augers well for the future of the Association.

Previous AGMs have always been held in the office. This year the leap in the show of interest to attend the AGM was so great that the venue for the meeting had to be changed by short notice, and Chin’s Kitchen’s bosses who are our Association’s newest members, agreed to us using their restaurant for the purpose of holding this AGM.
The Committee of Management and all the Honorary Advisors are naturally very pleased to see this surge of interests, and hope that it will continue and even increase.
The usual AGM Dinner was held at the same venue.

Mr Edward Kuh donated $2,500 towards the HakkaWA Kilin (Unicorn Dance Troupe) Committee. The up to date list of all sponsors for the Kilin Committee in support of the HakkaWA Kilin Kungfu Troupe are:
Mr Francis & Mrs Agnes Yapp 
Dato’ & Datin
Mr James & Mrs Amy Ku
Mr Edward & Mrs Sandra Kuh
Mr Alan & Mrs Lily Yit
Mr Norman & Mrs Annie Chia

Modern technology is used.

Hon. Advisor Mr Edward Kuh handing over his donation cheque of $2,500 to Treasurer Ms Juliet Chin, for the HakkaWA Kilin (Unicorn) Commitee

Members paying full attention during the AGM

AGM in session

Hon. Advisor James & Anita Chong

From right: John Yapp, Patty Pang, Lian Chai