29 July 2013

Hakka Lui Cha (擂茶) Making Demonstration

Mr James Chong and Anita, Honorary Advisors of HakkaWA, invited the other Honorary Advisors, Committee members and some members to attend at their residence at Mt Claremont  for a Hakka Lui Cha (擂茶) Making Demonstration – by our newest member CHONG Fah 张华 on Saturday 27 July 2013.

It started at noon, and was followed by a voluntary potluck lunch.

About 40 members attended, learnt and tasted some new Hakka culture! Below are the proof:

17 July 2013

Dongguan Lychee + Guangzhou Tour 东莞荔枝品赏 + 广州之旅

The Dongguan Lychee Tour followed on from the Penang Durian 2.0 + Southern Thailand Tour. It started where the other ended.

27 June Thur: The group flew from Kuala Lumpur to Guangzhou

This 1-week Tour took in Guangzhou and Dongguan, where some of our members came from, and hosted the group of 10 - Alan & Lily Yit, Norman & Annie Chia, Michael & Anne Cheah, Ivan & Irene Ho, and Wally & Helen.

The Australia Hakka Business Council Inc. Vice President Mr Qian Guiyuan and his wife Ms Qian Yunkai hosted our members at their home town Dongguan to savour the famous Dongguan lychees, in season at the end of June and early July.

Mr & Mrs Qian invited the group to stay at his friend’s hotel, and took the group to visit their friend’s lychee farm, in Dongguan which is between Guangzhou & Shenzhen.

Vice President Norman Chia's niece Ms Chia 谢少芹 and her husband hosted a luncheon for the group at Dongguan on 2 July. 副会长谢贵财的侄女谢少芹女士在东莞设午宴招待了全体团员。

HakkaWA Honorary Advisor Mr & Mrs Zhang Xiaoting hosted a Welcoming Dinner in Guangzhou. 名誉顾问张小庭,张爱鸿夫妇在广州设宴欢迎10位团员。

东莞荔枝品赏+广州之旅紧随槟城榴莲2.0 +泰国南部旅游。它是另一端的开始。在广州和在东莞玩了一个星期



Ready to depart Kuala Lumpur for Guangzhou

Arrived Guangzhou, with Canton Tower at the background

Modern-looking City of Guangzhou

Eating Pork knuckles at the banquet hosted by Honorary Advisors Mr & Mrs Zhang Xiaoting in Guangzhou

Dancing in the park in Guangzhou, with the locals

Pearl River Cruise

Pearl River cruise with Canton Tower at the background

Lunch hosted by Mr Qian and local officials

Mr & Mrs Qian and Mr & Mrs Yit

There you are, the famous Dongguan lychees!

Pick all you can, eat all you can, free of charge, despite the rain!

Karaoke, also sponsored by Mr & Mrs Qian

Changing colours of the Canton Tower

Bridge over the pearl River by night

Vice President Norman Chia's niece Ms Chia (on the mobile phone here) and her husband entertained the group for a sumptuous luncheon at Dongguan 副会长谢贵财的侄女谢少芹女士和她的先生在东莞招待了团员们。


13 July, after having returned from the Durian & the Lychee Tours, Mr Kwan Soehartono & wife Ms Maliani Lee entertained the group members from the Durian & Lychee Tours.

7月13日,旅游过後回到珀斯关瑞通Meliani Lee夫妇在他们住家大厦招待了全体团员们: