23 July 2012

Penang & West Malaysia Durian Tour 槟城西马榴莲游

The Penang/ Ipoh / Cameron Highlands durian & food trail tour took place from 1 July to 8 July 2012.
The famous Penang durians were in season at that time, and the group took every opportunity to taste and savour the different varieties. In Penang alone, 8 varieties of the top durians in the world were tasted. 
In Ipoh the famous Musang King variety was purchased for the group by Juliet Chin and her sister Joyce and brother-in-law Chong.
The group also tasted the various local famous hawker foods and delicacies as the tour went from Penang to Ipoh, and then on the way down to KL toured other areas such as the Cameron Highlands.


At the durian buffet fair, Penang

At the durian farm in Penang

They don't look much, but trust us, the taste is heavenly!

Small, but the fragrance is powerful!

A great variety of other tropical fruits too.

Tambun Pomelos - big, and a choice of sweet or bitter

Watching the sifu hand-make each of those famous Ipoh bicuits

Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Many varieties of special hybrids of durians were available

Digging into it!

Durian farm owner introducing his best products.

These crabs are quite big too.

At a Baba/Nyonya museum, which was originally owned by a Hakka

The Nyonya Museum where the TV series "Little Nyonya" was filmed.
著名电视剧 《小娘惹》是在此拍的

The original owner of the house was a Hakka

Cheong Fatt Sze Blue Mansion originally owned by a Moiyen Hakka Cheong Fatt Sze, "Rockefella of the East". When he died in 1905, the British Empire hoisted half-masts.

Juliet Chin (middle) and her 2 sisters in Ipoh, treating the group to local delicacies

Biscuits being charcoal-baked in Ipoh

See how hot it is! And they stick each biscuit on to the inside one by one!

Alan Yit & Chong discussing the best golf course in Perth to play in!
3 ladies at a tea plantation in the Cameron Higlands.

The tour ended in KL, with a German pork knuckle to boot!

12 July 2012

HakkaWA Dinner Gathering Duanwu 2012 年 会 员 端 午 聚 餐

The Committee of Management organised another HakkaWA Members Dinner Gathering for the 2012 Duanwu (or Dragon Boat, or Dumpling) Festival on Saturday 23 June 2011 (Duanwu Festival Day).

祝 端 午 节 理 事 会 于 2012 6 23 ( 星期六) 五月初五 (端午节日)  2012 西 澳 客 家 公会  会 员  端 午 聚 餐。

澳大利亚时报有报导 Report in the Australia Chinese Times 

Star of the night Lily Yit entertaining all our guests underneath the theme banner

HakkaWA banner

A view of the function in earnest

Mr Francis Yapp, Mrs Agnes Yapp, Mr Chris HP Wong, Sylvia, Mr Robert Chung, all there

Lucille, Jackson and family

Chris SL Wong, Norman, friends and Annie

Judy Vun, one of the star singers of the night

Ms Qian & Ms Zhang

Judy Vun singing while Agnes, Norman & grandchild look on

Anna & Lily

From right: Anita, James, Chris, Francis, Agnes

Evelyn Poh Choo Wong-Chong & family were there too

Lucky winner

The Noen family