25 June 2014

Kilin (Unicorn) Performance at the HakkaWA 5th Anniversary Celebrations 西澳客家公会麒麟表演

HakkaWA Kilin (Unicorn) Performance at the HakkaWA 5th Anniversary Celebrations on 8 June 2014

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24 June 2014

Hakka Kungfu Demo at HakkaWA 5th Anniversary Celebrations 客家功夫表演

By Master John Chow, member of the HakkaWA Unicorn (Kilin)Troupe

14 June 2014

HakkaWA 5th Anniversary Celebrations 庆祝公会成立五周年联欢聚餐

Our Association celebrated 5 years of existence, on 8 June 2014 at the Treasure Palace Chinese Restaurant in Maddington WA.
More than 200 members and friends came together and had a fun-filled evening, organised by the Executive Council of the Association.
Most notable of the event was the inaugural performance not only in WA but in the whole of Australia, of the Unicorn (Kilin) Kungfu Performance. HakkaWA has successfully launched the first Kilin Troupe in Australia!
There was also Hakka kungfu and Hakka Fan kungfu performances by John Chow, Our HakkaWA and Kilin Troupe member.
The HakkaWA Kilin Troupe would like to thank the HakkaWA Kilin Committee who are all donors, sponsors and strong supporters of our Kilin Troupe.
Whereas during the function the Committee members chose not to reveal their names, it is only proper to record our gratitude here for posterity:
Mr Francis Yapp & Mrs Agnes Yapp.
Dato' & Datin.
Mr James Ku & Mrs Amy Ku.
Mr Alan Yit & Mrs Lily Kong-Yit.
Mr Norman Chia & Mrs Annie Wong-Chia.
There was also the Lion Dance and kungfu performance by Yarn Yee Tong, led by Master Luong. 
Other items in the program included Anniversary-cake cutting, lucky dip of attractive prizes for about 20 lucky members.

Many thanks to Juliet Chin (3), Lily Kong-Yit (2), Annie Wong (10), and Lilly (3) for donating the valuable prizes for the lucky draw.


其中最引人注目的就是麒麟舞不仅在西澳而在整个澳洲第一次表演。西澳客家公会已成功推出了在澳洲的首个麒麟团  西澳客家公会麒麟团!






非常感谢Juliet 陈桂兰(3),Lily -(2),Annie王月晶(10),以及拿汀(3)所捐赠的珍贵抽奖奖品。

01 June 2014

Mothers Day Talk on Wills & Picnic BBQ 母亲节 - 免费遗嘱讲导 和免费野餐/烧烤会

Another free event for all members! On the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, there was a combined FREE talk on Wills & Probate plus question time, followed by a FREE Barbecue Picnic:
At (地点): Swan House, Heathcote, Applecross WA (For the Talk)
Reserve Area (For the BBQ & Picnic)
On: 11 May 2014 (Sunday)
The talk/seminar was conducted mostly in Mandarin, but explanations were made in Hakka, English etc as requested.
Many members and friends attended. The mothers were asked to together cut a Mothers’ Day Cake for all to share.
场地: Swan House, Heathcote, Applecross WA (遗嘱讲痤)
Heathcote公园 (野餐/烧烤会)
日期: 2014 511星期日