10 November 2011

Spring Roasts Gathering 春 季 烤 肉 聚 餐 Hakka WA

The Spring Roasts Gathering sponsored by Honorary Advisor Mr Edward Kuh, Mrs Sandra Kuh & family and Da' Vanti Homes was held at the Kuh's home at Roleystone on 5 November 2011.

Da' Vanti Homes generously donated $500 to the Hakka Commerce Council, an offshoot of HakkaWA, as well as sponsoring the evening's sumptuous roasts and other foods and drinks. They also donated the first prize of a $200 hamper for the Raffling Lucky Draw.

The Kuh family also generously donated a number of prizes for the Raffling. Other members who contributed to the Raffling prizes include Judy Vun, Lily Yit, Juliet Chin, Seu Lin Wong.

Honorary Advisor Mr Francis Yapp brought a bottle of premium wine for all to share. Long time member Mr Chan Mou Sing brought 6 bottles of wine to share, and was the first to turn up at the event, at 3pm.


古远求先生以华人传统的烤羊肉. 烧猪. 烧鴨以及咖喱. 香茅配制的鳮和猪肉以及其他食品. 酒水,免费供应与会者。

席前,在执行副会长杨奕驹先生主持下,以及杨奕骏秘书长协助积极推崇,举行了以小叶先生捐赠的富贵延年等两幅寓意繁荣昌盛的牡丹. 仙鹤水墨重彩作品的拍卖活动,有别与众的画法,具有特别的视角冲击力,深得乡亲们欢迎。



It was such a successful event, and there is so much to blog about, so we'll just put those descriptions and comments in the captions below each photograph being blogged:
Honorary Advisor and Host Mr Edward Kuh (古远求,2nd from left) with Mr and Mrs Noen 梁英源, in front of the HakkaWA banner at the Kuhs' Roleystone home
Honorary Advisors Charlie Chang 张启声先生 and  Mr Edward Kuh (2nd and 3rd from left)
The Hakka ladies at the function.
Seen here at the fore is long time and loyal member Mr Chan Mou Sing 陈茂盛先生, who  was the 1st member to turn up, with 1/2 dozen bottles of wine, at 3pm.
Members mingling at the event.
Executive Vice President Keith Yong 杨奕驹 addressing the crowd before commencement of the delicious food already laid out on the table.
A part of the crowd.
Honorary Advisor Mr ZHANG Xiaoting 张小庭先生 (right) with  the painting  he successfully bid for at the auction. This smaller painting was donated by painter Xiao Ye 小叶 (left).
Host Mrs Sandra Kuh 温玉蓉 (right), and donor of the prize, presenting the Lucky Draw prize to the winner Mrs Teresa Chau 林月花
古远求温玉蓉颁奖给中奖的老外。Mr and Mrs Kuh presenting the Raffling prize which they also donated.
Juliet Chin 陈桂兰 presenting the prize she donated, to Raffling prize winner Eddie Liew 廖坤贤
Lily Yit 江爱珠presenting the prize she donated, to Raffling prize winner Norman Chia 谢贵财
Lily Yit 江爱珠presenting the prize she donated,to Raffling prize winner Peggy Chao Yong 赵珮琪

Lily Yit 江爱珠presenting the prize she donated, to Raffling prize winner Shan Shan 张珊珊

Mr Ben Soon 孙伟斌drawing a winning ticket, while Executive Vice President Keith Yong 杨奕驹 looks on.
Mr and Mrs Eddie Liew 廖坤贤和太太谢洁玲。 They won the  President's 'award' for being the  Top Raffling Tickets Promoters, raising hundreds of dollars for the Association!

谢贵财, 杨德强, 陈茂盛
杨德强, 古远求, 谢贵财
Mr Edward Kuh receiving the bottle of premium wine brought by Honorary Advisor Mr Francis  Yapp and his Mrs Agnes, while Mr Chris HP Wong 黄汉平 looks on.
小叶,周由,王月晶,谢贵财 The 2 artists Xiao Ye and Chau Yau with Mr & Mrs Norman Chia
老外也来了!More invited guests being welcome by Mr Edward Kuh
黄汉平,叶水生,陈茂盛,张小庭,张爱鸿, 王月晶 Lively conversations!
From left: Joe Lee 李汉民, Angie Yong 杨奕慈, Peggy Chao Yong 赵珮琪,  Celine Lee
The crowd mingling
The rural setting was most refreshing. Cool breeze amidst the trees and wild flowers
Painter and Committee member Xiao Ye 小叶introducing his painting which he donated before the auction, while Secretary Jonas Yong杨奕駿, and Executive Vice President Keith Yong 杨奕驹 assisted.
Datin Lilly & grandson Jayden
The eager crowd.
杨奕驹执行副会长致欢迎词 Welcoming Speech by Executive Vice President Keith Yong 
Vince (right)  of Da' Vanti Homes announcing the donation of a donation to the Hakka Commerce Council with business partner Daniel Kuh 古诗镜 (centre)
The President receiving the donation cheque for $500 on behalf of the Hakka Commerce Council from Daniel Kuh 古诗镜 and Vince of Da' Vanti Homes
Member Daniel Kuh古诗镜, eldest son of Honorary Advisor Edward Kuh, giving his welcoming speech, and announced that his company Da' Vanti Homes would make a donation to the Hakka Commerce Council whenever any member or their friends build a home through Da' Vanti Homes.
易俊雄, 古远求, 叶水生, 钟汉昌
Alan Yit, Francis Yapp and Robert Chung talking with Edward Kuh
Good crowd
小叶和拍卖得奖的名誉顾问张启声先生 Painter and donor Xiao Ye presenting the painting to Honorary Advisor Charlie Chang who bid the highest price for this larger of the 2 paintings
Auction in earnest 拍卖进行中
小叶和拍卖得奖的名誉顾问张小庭先生 Painter and donor Xiao Ye presenting the painting to Honorary Advisor Zhang Xiaoting who bid the highest price for this smaller of the 2 paintings
Ben Soon, Tet K Yong, Alan Yit, Robert Chung, Francis Yapp
The members enjoyed the event right to late at night
Judy Vun drawing the Lucky Dip
Vince and Daniel Kuh 古诗镜 of Da Vanti Homes presenting the First Prize  of the raffling  to  Mr Noen 梁英源 . Da Vanti Homes donated the 1st prize for the raffling
Left to right: Angie, Juliet, Annie and daughter Get Lin 谢洁玲
Judy Vun with part of the crowd
So many Hakka ladies!
Norman, Robert, Francis, Christopher and Sylvia
The President listening intently in conversation with Zhang Aihong
Member Ben Yee and his 2 sons being welcome by Keith
Keith introducing Ben Yee and sons to host Edward Kuh
The President introducing Mr and Mrs Noen to the host Edward Kuh
Part of the venue
Angie welcoming Honorary Advisor Charlie Chang
Roasts and other food laid out on the table
Tet K Yong welcoming and in conversation with Christopher HP Wong,  with Mrs Sylvia Wong at eh background, and Peggy Chao Yong at the foreground
Mrs Agnes Yapp arriving. Francis is still in the car
Get Lin & Eddie
Angie with the lovely children of Chau Yau and Mrs Teresa Chau
Seu Lin, Juliet and Haslina
At the foreground Get Lin is holding and selling the raffling tickets, with her mother Annie by her side, husband Eddie behind her, and son Eden in front
Part of the crowd while the auctioning was progressing
Sylvia and Agnes
Members enjoying dinner
Jayden Chan with roast duck piece in hand
Judy Vun, wine glass in hand, in a jovial mood. The joy of the party, and a  star karaoke singer too
Lily Yit and Judy Vun assisting Jonas & Keith in the Raffling Draw
Enjoying the event right through the night
Who's got the winning ticket?!
Draw another winning ticket
Mrs Sandra Kuh had the winning ticket and donated the prize right back to be redrawn
The President presenting one of the prizes to the winner 
Secretary Jonas Yong and Honorary Advisor Mr Zhang Xiaoting
Angie and son Jayden

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