23 December 2011

Part 1: Beihai 24th World Hakka Conference & Hakka Food Trail 北海第24届世界客家恳亲大会,深圳,广州客家美食团游

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Food Trail & Beihai World Hakka Conference 8 Days Tour
The 24th World Hakka Conference was held at Beihai, Guangxi, China, from 30 November to 2 December 2011.
Our Association was represented by a contingent of 12 members: Honorary Advisor Mr & Mrs Zhang Xiaoting, Committee members Alan & Lily Yit, & Mr & Mrs Norman Chia, Secretary Jonas Yong, Dato' & Datin Yong, and members Mr & Mrs Ricy Yick and Mr Peter Hoe.

To make the trip even more worthwhile we decided to add a few days prior to the Conference date, to tour and savour Hakka and Cantonese gourmet food along the way from Shenzhen to Beihai.
Please read to the bottom to see the 3 video clips.

As it's an 8 days trip we will post the photos, captions, descriptions and VIDEO clips in 2 posts rather than fitting them into 1 post. So, watch out for the next posts, please!
First Stop: Shenzhen 26 November to 28 Nov 2011. 第一站:深圳
The 1st evening upon arrival at Shenzhen, we savoured the famed Hakka dish 'Tai Poon Choy' 大盆菜。
Part of the contingent at a Hakka restaurant in Shenzhen. The Poon Choy is placed at the middle, and that's the whole meal.
From left: Annie Wong, Norman Chia, Ricky Yick, Mrs Yick, Lily Yit, Alan Yit, Dato' Yong & Datin Lilly
Poon Choy - Only about 2/3 was consumed by the whole group. 
Breakfast the next morning at a Shenzhen hotel. Lily, Alan & Jonas shown here.
Eastern Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City【深圳東部華僑城】, Tea Valley【茶溪谷生態樂園】。
Picture showing part of the group touring OCT East of Shenzhen 华侨城东。
2nd Evening at Shenzhen
2nd evening at Shenzhen - tasting authentic Hakka Gourmet from the Longchuan region . This restaurant  is owned and operated by Longchuan people related to the President. 尝试正宗客家龙川家乡菜!
Sam Yeung 杨榕明, the President's cousin from Longchuan who took us to the restaurant

The 2 Longchuan relatives with the President

28 Nov 2011 - 3rd day in  Shenzhen - visiting Hakka Cultural Museum【客家民俗博物馆】
3rd day in  Shenzhen - visiting Hakka Cultural Museum【客家民俗博物馆】
Picture shows the group with the Hakka Museum director, City officials and a guide from the Museum.
29 November 2011 - Guangzhou
名誉顾问张小庭先生和张爱鸿妇人(右一二)在广州一间著名餐馆热情招待了团员们。Honorary Advisor Mr &Mrs Zhang Xiaoting hosted a most sumptuous and memorable Cantonese Gourmet Dinner at a famous restaurant in Guangzhou for the whole group, with a German roasted pork hock thrown in for each of us.
Annie giving the thumb up to the German pork hock at the dinner  hosted by Mr & Mrs Zhang Xiaoting in Guangzhou.
Right 1 & 2: Mr & Mrs Zhang at the VIP room hosting the dinner

Peter Hoe (far left) 贺文庆先生joined us in Guangzhou. Here picture was taken outside the  hotel we were staying in.

11 of the group members with other officials at the Overseas Chinese Museum【华侨博物館】
Then only other group member absent in this photo was Joans Yong who had to divert to Hongkong for a trade conference by the Hong Kong Australia Business Association.

The contingent being welcomed by officials of the Overseas Chinese Museum【华侨博物館】   
Director of the Overseas Chinese Museum donated a set of large sized pictures  dating back  to the 1911 Xin Hai  Revolution.

The Guangzhou City Government's Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau top ranking officials hosted a luncheon for the group. Picture shown here the President presenting a bannerette of HakkaWA to the Bureau Deputy Chief.

Below are 3 video clips shot by Norman at the Hakka Museum:

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