13 February 2012

Part 2: Beihai 24th World Hakka Conference 北海第24届世界客家恳亲大会

In this Part we publish some photos with captions for when the contingent were in Beihai, attending the 24th Hakka World Conference 北海第24届世界客家恳亲大会. 

We arrived on the evening of 29 November 2011, and were welcome at the Beihai Airport and escorted most of the way.

WELCOME sign for our Hakka Association of Western Australia Inc. by the team assigned to look after us while we were there.

Tour of Beihai City before the Conference started.
Relaxing at the hotel while waiting for the Conference to restart

The Group at the hotel with some new found friends from other Hakka Associations around the world. Front  row  in white sits Norman Chia's brother who is President of a Hakka Association in Canada

At the Welcoming Dinner for all the 6,500 delegates. Various venues were used , each linked by video conferencing

Arrival at the venue for the Opening Ceremony. 10 of the 12 delegates are seen here, because the Organisers separated the Leader of each Delegation and his/her spouse by different hotel and transportation 

The President managed to meet up with the main Group at the Opening Ceremony

Guided tours by experienced tour guides

On tour at Beihai

At Beihai's famous "White-Sand" beach while on tour

Our assigned guide leader Xiao Qiu (小邱)receiving a bannerette of appreciation from Secretary  Jonas.
At the Opening Ceremony when it was an especially windy and cold night, and it rained later in the night.  The 6,500 delegates were all gathered there and given lights and clapping instruments to heighten the atmosphere  

Even the rain coats provided by the Organisers and all the warm clothes the delegates could gather, few could withstand the cold winds, and most had to leave before the end when the rain arrived.

On Tour

The handsome and gallant gentlemen of the delegation with a Beihai Hakka Government official assigned to show us around. From left: Zhang Xiaoting, Alan Yit, Peter Hoe & Norman Chia.

Guided tour of the white-sand beach

Tour of the Buddhist Centre

A high Government official from Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi, friend of  Annie & Norman Chia,  hosted a luncheon for the delegation.

At the Closing Ceremony
Even the security forces behind Norman & Annie Chia shown here at the Beihai Airport wore the World Hakka Conference official name tag around their neck.

High security alert to assure the safety of delegates, and to assure friendliness,  shown here wearing their World Hakka Conference official Identification Tags att he airport, behind Alan & Lily Yit.

The official Group of 12 delegates at the Beihai Airport, beofre leaving Beihai for Guangzhou, onward to Shenzhen, then return to Perth via different routes.

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