04 December 2012

World Hakka Conference in Sanming 世界客家恳亲大会在三明市


The 25th World Hakka Conference was held in Sanming, Fujian Province, China from 20th to 22nd November 2012.

First please click here on the link below below to watch a clip of the TV Report of the event on China's Television:

Mr Qian, Mr Zhang, Anna, Annie & Norman
Mr Zhang, Keith, Norman & Annie

Norman & Mr Zhang

Norman & Mr Qian 

The Hakkas in green from WA 西澳来的青衣客家人!

西澳客家公会会长杨奕驹与么尔本客家公会的Paul Hiew, of the Melbourne Hakka Association, & HakkaWA President Keith Yong

Datuk Tham Yuk Liong, Chairman of the Sabah United Hakka Associations & Keith Yong, President of HakkaWA

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