14 February 2013

Perth Chinese New Year Fair 珀斯中华新年文化节

Our Association set up a HakkaWA stall at the Perth Chinese New Year Fair 2013 to join in the celebrations at James Street in Northbridge on 10 February 2013. The stall served to promote Hakka culture & history.

Our stall was open from 11am to 6pm. But work started from 8am. Many members volunteered to help. A lot of interests were shown by the good crowd all day.
Committee member Xiao Ye volunteered to perform Chinese painting and calligraphy. 

Other volunteers include Dr Ching Tow Fah & Mrs, Honorary Advisor James Chong, President Keith Yong, Secretary-General Jonas Yong, Vice Presidents Lily Kong & Norman Chia, Assistant Treasurer Alan Yit, Assistant Secretary Chris SL Wong, Committee Member Dom Siew Tu & Mrs, Past President Dato' Yong & Datin Lilly.
2013年的珀斯中华新年文化节,公会在桥北的James St 开了一个西澳客家公会的特别摊位,以助发扬客家文化和历史。人群整天都很多,也对客家文化历史和我们公会很感兴趣。



Alan & Lily Yit and Dr & Mrs Ching with some of the volunteers and crowd

Member Nick Tye brought his parents along

Some of the volunteer members - From left: Chris SL Wong, Alan Yit, Lily Kong, Datin Lilly, Dato' Yong, Norman Chia & Keith Yong

Many inquiries at the stall

The President Keith Yong with Dr. & Mrs Ching Tow Fah who both volunteered to help out

Xiao Ye attending to interested people

Secretary-General Jonas Yong answering some inquiries from an Australian there

Senior Vice President Lily Kong with President Keith Yong

Lions Dance as well in front of the entrance near our stall

Lions Dance right at our HakkaWA stall. The Lions Troupe leader John Hsu seen on the right is an associate member of HakkaWA

The chief drummer of the Lions Dance Troupe is Mabel, daughter of our Assistant Secretary Mr Chris SL Wong

A popular stall

Mr & Mrs Bill Teh attended to our stall and showed interest in joining the Association

Xiao Ye showing one of the works he painted on the spot

Datin Lilly, Mrs Ching, Lily Kong & Mrs Shirley Teh

A good crowd at the Fair

Xiao Ye doing the calligraphy while Jonas Yong explains to the crowd

Jonas Yong answering some queries - 老外也对客家文化有兴趣!

Happy “customers”!

Jonas Yong, Lily Kong, Karen & Dom Siew Tu, Dato' Yong

Visitor to the stall associate member Pin-Pin LU posed with Jonas & Keith

"Who are the Hakka's?" - who indeed?

Chris SL Wong making a big effort to emphasise Hakka culture to these Australian visitors to the stall.

Retired Hakka doctor joined the Association on the spot!

SEcretary-General Jonas Yong with associate member Terry Lee and Mr Chin 靳云祥

Chris SL Wong trying hard to explain who the Hakka's are, to these interested young Australians.

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