17 June 2013

Mandurah Day Trip 游览一日棉九拉

Sunday 16 June 2013 was a glorious sunny Winter day and it was a perfect day for HakkaWA members, relatives and friends to take an easy and relaxing outing to Mandurah for the day.

Even though 45 persons registered their interests, 2 groups with 10 persons were not able to make it at the last minute due to the flu. So, the total number of HakkaWA members and friends that gathered there in Mandurah was 35.

Many members experienced the train ride on the Mandurah line. Others went by cars and buses.

Members chose their preferred activities, as there was so much one could do while there. Taking a cruise, hiring a boat, picnic, having lunch at one of the many restaurants there, generally relaxing and enjoying the cool breeze and sunshine.

Peggy, Jonas, Sofia, Herawati, Roslan & Ho Lie Khiong

Mr & Mrs Michael Lo & Mr & Mrs Louis Chong with Datin Lilly & Dato' Yong

Secretary-General Jonas chatting with Ho Lie Khiong, Roslan, Herawati & Sofia

A group photo but many have not arrived yet

Anna Zhang, Norman, Annie, Rick & Isabelle arriving

Jayden & Mom Angie leading the way to the hired boat

Rick Chia getting some information correct first

Norman & Annie with Anna Zhang and her Auntie from Meizhou

Jayden & Eden

The President with Patrick Cheow and family

The President with Patrick Cheow's family

Juliet & Seng Heng Foong also brought along a couple of visitors from KL

With Juliet & Seng Heng Foong

Juliet & Seng Heng again

With Mr & Mrs Michael Lo and Mr & Mrs Louis Chong

The owner of the boat hire company briefing the to be captains of the hired boat

Self-driven boat hired

Angie & Christine

Keith, Rick & Jonas

Norman,  Jayden, Eden & Angie

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