30 June 2013

Penang Durian 2.0 + Southern Thailand Tour 槟 城 榴 莲2.0 + 南 泰 国 之 旅

This year's Penang Durian Tour 2.0 + Hatyai, Southern Thailand, & Ipoh between 21st and 27 June 2013 was very successfully organised by Ms Lily Kong-Yit and Mr Alan Yit.
A total of 18 members and friends participated and had a really good time:- Ms Lily Kong-Yit, Mr Alan Yit, Mr Francis Yapp & Ms Agnes Chow, Norman Chia & Annie Wong,  Mr & Mrs Kwan, Mr Michael Cheah & Mrs Anne Cheah, Helen & Wally, Dr Jeffrey Tee, Keith Yong, Mr Ivan Ho & Ms Irene Lee, and Dato' Yong & Datin Lilly.
今年的槟城榴莲2.0 + 南泰国之旅我们在槟城住上了2晚后,空调旅游车北上南泰的合艾和宋卡游玩,在合艾住了2晚,然后返回大马怡保 1 天才到回槟城过1夜,第二天早上从槟城经过吉隆坡散队。
21 June Fri: Converge in Penang. 在槟城集合。
22 June Sat: Penang. 在槟城游玩。
23 June Sun: Penang – Hat Yai. 槟城 – 合艾。
24 June Mon: Hat Yai. 合艾宋卡游玩。
25 June Tues: Hat Yai – Ipoh. 合艾 - 怡保。

26 June Wed: Ipoh - Penang. 怡保 – 槟城

Day 1 Friday 21 June: Penang - 1st round of durian tasting at the Durian Fest at Penang Times Square:
In front of the durian stalls at the Penang Durian Fest 2.0

Ladies in pink ready to taste the durian there

Eating durian, as well as chempadak, mangosteen and rambutan


A group photo in front of the Penang Durain fest 2.0 venue

"How do you eat this stuff?"

Day 2 Saturday 22 June: Penang:

Kek Lok Si 极乐寺 

Kek Lok Si Guanyin statue

Impressive architecture at Kek Lok Si

Have some Penang hawker food for breakfast first before the tour starts for the day

At the hawker food centre

In front of the hawker food centre - President Keith Yong, & members Dr Jeff Tee & Michael Cheah

Tasting the nutmeg drink

Visited a nutmeg farm and factory

Owner of the nutmeg place, Mr Chang, a Hakka, explaining the nutmeg processing procedures

A huge Guanyin Standing Statue
Now we were at the durian farm eating durian

Durian fruits hanging from the trees all over the place

Bao Sang Farm was the durian farm we visited

All 18 members of the group of HakkaWA members and friends in front of the Bao Sang Durian Farm. The owner of the farm, Mr Chang, is a Hakka

"Eat all you can" durian buffet

Look at the crowd behind - it was a Saturday, and tourists were swarming the place

Queuing up for a taste of the famous Penang cendol

How does it taste?

A HakkaWA member from Seremban, Dennis Chan, happened to be visiting the same cendol stall at the same time

Dr Jeffrey Tee was too bashful to go for a second bowl of cendol he so yearned for, but not Dato' Yong

This is the famous cendol! Not much to look at, but heaven to taste!

What? Norman & Annie only shared 1 bowl? Don't know what they missed.

Wally said it was good? Mr Kwan was concentrating in the savouring

President Keith Yong also took a pic with Dennis who by coincidence was at the same place eating the chendol. Dennis said it used to be even better, but the standard has dropped somewhat.

Dinner at a Hakka restaurant in Penang

This Hakka duck was the only dish worth writing home about, at this restaurant

Day 3 Sunday 23 June: Penang - Hatyai:
Looks like Thailand, but not yet, you are still in Penang, at the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha

The Sleeping Buddha

On the ferry from Penang Island to Mainland Malaya

On the ferry

Cars and people on the ferry in one go

Not dance group members for nothing! Lily Kong Yit seems to be dancing in the street!

Not karaoke group members for nothing! Dr Jeff Tee singing karaoke in Thailand

Day 4, 5 & 6:  Hatyai, Ipoh & Penang:

Thai fragrant coconut water

What is the name of this gang again? Or was it a musical band?

Stop over for lunch on the way to Ipoh

By the river side

The full group of 16 participants on the way to Ipoh


Legend has it that rubbing this Buddha statue's stomach may result in being awarded a child. Some members might have tried it and it might have actually worked!

This is called pakis 马来菜

Musang King is the best durian variety in the opinion of some. 

This round of durian tasting in Ipoh was reportedly the best round


Delicious food court food!

The ferry

More durian yet!

You just have to look at the expression on their faces to know that the taste was heavenly!
Well, until next time!

Update 12 July 2013: 
Additional photos submitted for blogging follows:

Datin Lilly & Annie

Nutmeg factory owner explaining

Awaiting anxiously for the durian buffet to be served

Chendol time!

Hakka restaurant in Penang

Karaoke in Hatyai. Lily performing.

Annie & Agnes

Keith Yong & Dr Jeffrey Tee singing the karaoke in Hatyai

Musang King 猫山王

Order more food!

Ending the Penang Durian Tour 2.0 - Anyone volunteering to organise the Durian Tour 3.0?
At the KL International Airport leaving Malaysia for the Dongguan Lychee Tour
(The Lychee Tour blog will be next)

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