21 June 2015

6th Anniversary Celebrations 公会成立六周年庆典

HakkaWA 6th Anniversary Celebrations Dinner & Dance
Over 300 members and friends celebrated our Association’s 6th Anniversary of the formation of our Association on Saturday 6 June 2015 at 6.06pm, at the Chung Wah Cultural Centre in Balcatta WA中華文化中心.

Mr Chris Hatton, MLA, Member for Balcatta, represented The Honourable Dr. Mike Nahan, Treasurer, Minister for Energy, and Minister for Citizenship & Multicultural Interests.

Other important guests include: Consul-General Ms Sun Anling, and Consul Du Ling, of the People’s Republic of China in Perth (中华人民共和国驻珀斯代总领事孙安林女士,以及杜玲领事), & Chung Wah Association President Mr Sammy YAP.

All performances for the night were on a volunteering basis, there was no fee asked for, and for that we must thank all the performers, including:
-The Chung Wah Association Chinese Cultural Dance Group, The Cantonese Opera Association of WA, the Hakka Mountain Song singers, and the Chow Koon Yarn Yee Tong Lion Dance Troupe led by Master Luong.


The Hakka Mountain Singing is a unique Hakka culture. In the old days, the Hakkas used to communicate with each other by singing at the mountains, thus Hakka Mountain Songs have evolved.  Let us now enjoy some Hakka Mountain Songs Duet by two of our members, Mr Gian Wong and Ms Mary Chiew.

我们的两位会员, 黄源和先生与Mary Chiew女士为我们演 了一场《客家山歌对唱》。

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